What we do

In 2017-18 the growth of Make It Happen was accelerated by a desire to give back to one of the most historical parts of Birkenhead by utilising the skills, assets and talents of those who locally also want to ‘Make It Happen’.

About Make it happen

Make it Happen was born from the aspirations of Mrs Chris Allen BEM and Amy Butterworth, along with many caring & supporting friends and colleagues who share a genuine passion for the community using a real Asset Based Community Development approach.

In 2017-18 the growth of Make It Happen was accelerated by a desire to give back to one of the most historical parts of Birkenhead by utilising the skills, assets and talents of those who locally also want to ‘Make It Happen’. This was when the name was born and was chosen to be exactly what it is. Make It Happen is an open shop, social supermarket and community hub for for all. It is a welcoming, safe place located in the heart of Market Street for everyone to spend time in and enjoy.

What is Make it Happen?

We provide a community venue that houses a number of offers that anyone can use, be involved in and benefit from, this includes;

  • A pay as you feel shop, pay as you feel for products such as clothing, CD's, DVD's, etc
  • A social supermarket where we sell intercepted food at heavily discounted prices.
  • Work placements for community members, university/college students and Princes Trust or Duke of Edinburgh volunteers.
  • community hub for anyone who wishes to run community activities, workshops, meetings or pop up events, as well as any individuals and artisans who would just like to perform.
  • Business pop-up space for people to use in order to set up business events or test small business ideas in a friendly environment free from pressure.
  • Alternative trading for individuals and community members who may wish to sell local products.

Our name is the golden thread of the work that we do and the logo is the shape of a finger print, this shows that everyone has a stake in our community and can leave a fingerprint.

Our aim:

We engage and empower people to use what they have to make it happen and become restorers of their own lives, their streets and the lives of others."


Our Feedback

“I was feeling tired and confused and I was not sure in which direction my life was going, one of the biggest problems for me was trying to work out what the most important things to do were and getting better sleep. Everyday I work tired and not sure of what to do next. In Make it Happen I found people to talk to and opportunities to expand the number of people I knew. I got talking to someone who took an interest in my situation and gave me examples of things I might think about that were useful and I started to feel better, almost straight away. Over time I have been able to develop these thoughts into ways to change my life so that I have a better chance of good sleep and can work out more easily what important things to do first.”
June 2019

“I came into the shop a couple of days ago after hearing about it and was really surprised and taken aback by what the shop had to offer both food and clothing items, this is a great community asset and I was told they also run community activities which is a great source for the community to access. Members of staff were friendly and very helpful.  Well done.  I will be returning and passing on the word.”
June 2019

“I had time on my hands, after retirement and wanted to do something useful for the community. I became interested in the work that Make it Happen was doing and applied to volunteer in the shop. The work in Make it Happen is nothing like my old job, but it is so much more satisfying, I meet lots of different people. I feel no pressure and get a sense of calm from the wonderful team that work here. I really look forward to the time that I spend at Make it Happen knowing that I am helping a community new to me and knowing that it is helping me.”
June 2019

“When I came into the shop I was suffering with severe depression and Anxiety, I would have regular breakdowns and panic attacks to the point were I would not leave my house and rarely interact with other people. Since finding Make it Happen it’s been the perfect place for me to be when it comes to interacting with people and helping me get out and about. I’ve really come out of my shell and feel much happier now that I’ve found a place were the staff are kind and considerate despite my hardships, i have found it completely and utterly life changing as it is just the start of my journey to becoming the best I can be”
September 2019

“I have been wondering around town and came upon Make it Happen by accident, the chap behind the till started talking to me and sounded interested in what I was doing that day. I was very lonely at that time, I had just started coming out of my house and was wondering aimlessly between shops. He gave me a cup of coffee, sat me down and had a chat with me. I felt so much better after this I came back each week to see him just show how much better I was getting. I now have much more purpose in my life and I’m thinking about volunteering to help in the shop.”
August 2019

“I’m in recovery from addiction and have been rebuilding my life. This has not been easy and I have been relying on Make it Happen for good value food to feed the children as my access to them gets better. Over the months I’ve gained more confidence in looking after myself and my children and now have applied to be a volunteer in the shop.”
August 2019

“I was homeless and staying at the YMCA and someone has stolen my clothes. I was able to come here, talk to people in the shop, I was made welcome and given and cuppa. They helped me with a few clothing items to get me going and later when I was in better shape I was able to give back to the shop.”
August 2019