We have remained open throughout lockdown

We have remained open throughout lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact unpon communities globally, particularly on the most vunerable and deprived areas. Many local provisions have had to close-down or significantly reduce and alter their services to help combat the spread of the virus, greatly impacting those people that depend on them the most. We at Make it Happen feel strongly commited to our duty of empowering our community, for this reason we have remained open throughout the lockdown period, playing a vital role in providing emergency hampers and having our store open to the community, adhearing to government guidelines for social distancing and PPE from our community, with donating their treasures, volunteering their time and talent, we could not be more grateful.

A major part of our Covid-19 contribution was the distribution of emergency food hampers to those individuals and families who needed it the most across the Wirral. We have distributed approximately 100 Hampers to households and we are still here to help those in difficult circumstances.

Our store has been flooded with generous donations of food, clothing and other household items, so much that we have been fortunate enough to be able to redistribute bags of donations, this includes 40 bags to our friends at One Day Project, and another 150 bags to Scope CHarity, many more to Claire House, Koala North West, YMCA with a total of approximately 1,500 bags redistributed, helping many more members of our community through our ethos of our Gift & Gain.

Supporting us to fight the spread of Covid-19 and the protect the safety of our team and customers, many local businesses have generously donated hand gels and PPE to us. Dave and the team at www.kanbanmp.com very kindly donated gloves and other donations of gloves, reversable and re-washable facemasks for the team to use from Kanokphons Thai Massage Studio. JP Flavour were very generous in their donation of Hand Gel for our Team and customers. The Wirral Labour party have also been generous with their donation of PPE for our store. Donations like these ensure that we can remain open to our community during this crucial period.

Amy, out CEO comment on this.

"We felt is was extremely important for it to remain open throughout the pandemic. Our 'Pay as you feel' model has eneabled members of our community to have a dignified retail experience during these times when households budgets are tigher. I am extramly grateful for our community and our partners who have made generous donations to our shop. It means a lot to me to have been able to redistribute donations to other organisations in need. Our "Give and gain" ethod has been the driving force behind our efforts to empower and enable our community throughout these difficult times."

We at Make it Happen will continue to empower our community throughout these unprecdented times. Thanks again to our wonderful community for their support throughout, it really would not have been possible without you.

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