Christmas Pop up Shop

Covid has been difficult for everyone, during this period Make it Happen has been an important resource for our customers and the wider community.

Over the last 2 weeks we've had the opening of a Christmas Pop-Up Shop. Our vision is to bring a bit of joy during the Christmas period having an opportunity to make their money go further and if you have a chance to pop down - feel free to do so. We are happy to announce that within the first week of opening, it's been a huge success! With many community members coming through the door in order to buy Christmas Gifts on a pay as you feel basis for their loved ones.

The Christmas Shop will be open 10:00 - 5:00, Tuesday to Friday and will be closing Saturday the 19th December at 1:30PM. This allows the community to stretch their budget furthur this festive period with Pay as you Feel. Allowing the comunity to treat their loved ones to something special from our range of budget friendly gifts.

Our very own wordsmith and Poet; Terry Briscow has written us a poem about the Pay as you Feel Christmas Popup Shop.

1f497519 e438 468e 8f53 7e57e256db5f"Make it Happe and walk through the door.
To the Pop-up shop, Pay less get more.
Tuesday to Saturday, 10 O'clock until 5.
At Make it Happen, come and have a good time."

We would like to thank Wirral Methodist Housing Association for allowing us to use their building to host our shop, and also to the Community for giving us this opportunity and supporting us through this difficult year for many. Let's roll on 2021 and let's Make it Happen!