Make it Happen - Shop refurbishment


As many of our community is aware, we've recently had a shop refurbishment in terms of making the shop a much more open environment and having an inviting atmosphere that wasn't as present as previous and getting whole new flooring. Take a look at the images below to have a look at the new improvements we've made to the shop.

ShopRefurb04 ShopRefurb05
ShopRefurb001 ShopRefurb002 ShopRefurb01
ShopRefurb06 ShopRefurb07
ShopRefurb02 ShopRefurb03

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One customer told us: "The new shop looks lovely and it's a lot more open and inviting and I love the new flooring, must be easier to clean. There's a lot more light and it feels a lot more open."

Another said: "I really love it. It feels a lot more spacious. It feels much more like a community setting with a wide space and sunlight through the windows."

SallyPic CroppedSally, one of our Sustainability Ambassadors who headed the shop refurbishment had this to say about her experience with the shop and her reasons behind the shop change:

"Our main reason for the changes to our Community Hub which consists of a Community Space, Social Supermarket and Pay as you feel Shop was to make it more accessable to the community. I believe that this makes it a lot more inviting and allows for more space in the shop itself, making it look much better, with the space allowing for more storage space for food that is available to customers. The new improved unique shopping experience of Make it Happen generally feels improved; feeling a lot more organised."

Additionally; we've had a bit of rearranging of the shop itself in terms of having more storage space for the food and clothing that is available for the customers aswell as the wider space being more accessable for the customers, feeling a lot cleaner and organised.

We're hoping the wider community is enjoying the new look shop and that it allows for an improved unique shopping experience at Make it Happen. Thank you for all your on-going support and love and let's continue and Make it Happen!

Thank you to WRAP, the Waste Resource Action Programme, who specialize in re-inventing how they design, produce and sell products as well as how we use and consume products as well as what is possible though reuse and recycling and Liverpool City Region Care Grants. Wirral Borough Council Food and Essentials Grant for helping to Make this Happen.