Our Offers & Events

Make It Happen is an open community hub and shop situated in the heart of Market Street in Birkenhead for everyone to use.
It is a welcoming safe place to come and enjoy and spend time in.

Activities and Workshops

Due to Lockdown, all our current activities are on hold until a later date. We are sorry for any inconveniences.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Tuesdays & Fridays: 10am - 4pm
Roxy's Repairs

Roxy's Repairs


Roxy is our tailor at Make it Happen. She'll do everything from up-cycling clothing to hemming, alterations and simple repairs. This is done on a pay as you feel arrangement in the form of a donation. You can contact Roxy directly at roksisakwi@gmail.com or call her on 07476664148.

Additionally, you can pop in on Tuesdays and Fridays to see her in-shop if you're local and have a specific request. Need some clothing tinkering? Come and see Roxy.

Wednesday's, 10am - 1pm
Eco Bricks

Eco Bricks


Our EcoBrick sessions are starting up again, every Wednesday from 10am all the way until 1pm. EcoBricks are reusable building blocks made from plastic bottles packed with plastic. Not only does it help the environment, it allows people to build garden spaces, walls and structures!

We could do with some clean empty plastic bottles. If you have any and would like to donate them could you please pop them into the shop for us!

If you would like to come along to the sessions please call the shop to book your space, we are working to current covid-19 government guidelines. We will need to take basic information in line with government guidance for track and trace.

Saturday's, 9:30am - 1:30pm
Wirral Hair Therapy

Wirral Hair Therapy


The chaos and bustle of everyday life seems relentless at times it can really wear out a person. So, where can you go to escape the bustle? All for a pay as you feel donation!

Wirral Hair Therapy! A place where you can go to unwind, have a chat, relax, where time slows down and all the craziness disappears. Fancy a relaxing haircut? Pop into the shop on Saturdays between 9:30 - 13:30 for a coffee a chat and a new do!

Thursday, 10am - 2pm
Collective Encounters

Collective Encounters

Collective Encounters are back at Make it Happen. Join us for storytelling, soapbox moments, share ideas and what is important to you. Mark your diaries. Everyone is welcome, refreshment and biscuits provided.

Thursday, 1pm - 2pm
Guitar Sessions

Guitar Sessions


The music is in the air at Make it Happen, once again! Book your place on our Beginner Guitar Sessions 4 week prgram beginning Thursday 13th February. Call Brian on 07498173015. Learn to play in a relaxed environment with the fabulous Brian! Learn some new skils and enjoy your creative side with our guitar sessions at Make it Happen. Booking is required, this isn't a drop in sesion.

Pay as you feel shop


The shop provides an opportunity to any person to purchase items including clothing, shoes, bags, books, CDs, DVDS on a pay as you feel basis. This means that people pay what they feel or what they can afford - in other words a donation for any item, this is to ensure that the experience people have is a dignified one.

Our team members are then able to encourage individuals to remember the shop when they and family are emptying their wardrobes and getting rid of items. Not only does make people feel part of something but no matter where they are in their lives, they also feel they are contributing to the wellbeing of others by giving something back.

If people cannot pay for an item, the team have the option to be flexible with kindness and use discretion to look at the assets and skills of the person. It maybe that they pay in clothing or other items as an exchange, they may put the kettle on and give a few hours of help to be with the team members and enjoy the atmosphere of the shop, do some cleaning or ironing or leaflet drop and this list is not exhaustive.  

On some occasions for example when a local resident has a job interview or funeral and cannot afford a new suit or outfit, we have loaned them on a trust basis and this has been very productive for ongoing relationships with customers. They become lifelong friends of the shop and advocate for the model.

We will also gift clothing to people who are in difficult personal circumstances too as a gesture of good will and again this has been impactful to people and our journey.

A social supermarket


The Social Supermarket model varies from place to place however on Wirral through Feeding Birkenhead supporting Wirral movement they all maintain a similar approach, social supermarkets are distinct from food banks in that individual pays for their groceries, although at large discounts.

Make It Happen host a 5 star Food Hygiene rated Social Supermarket, where supplies of food and other items are sourced collaboratively and shared to ensure nothing goes to waste.

Through doing this and talking to customers and members of the community it has highlighted that it reduces anxiety relating to multiples choices i.e. pasta as well as the personal anxiety of being in a big supermarket environment.

Community settings work placements

CommunitySettingWorkPlacementWe host work placements for Community members, university or college students, Prince's Trust or Duke of Edinburgh volunteers who wish to learn about....

Retail and Business
Asset Based Community Development
Community Development
Social Media and Marketing
Social Value Impact
Networking and Connecting

We are very proud to be a local ‘Disability Confident Employer’ and because of this we have been successful in hosting a number of placements for Mencap, Wirral Metropolitan College and Autism Together so please get in touch if you wish to explore. Have a read at some feedback from our 6-week work placement members from The University of Chester about your experience at Make it Happen.

To all of the team at Make it Happen. Thank you all so much for the 5 weeks! You have been nothing but amazing thank you for all the laughs, support and encouragement; by far the best team ever. I can’t thank you enough for how amazing you’ve been – you’ve all taught me so much and given the best experience ever! I look forward to see you in the summer!"
Megan, University of Chester

To Amy and everybody at Make it Happen.  Thanks for all your help the past few weeks it’s been an amazing experience and I’ve enjoyed being part of the team and getting to know everyone. Best wishes for the future.
Bethany, University of Chester

Community hub

CommunityHubThis space provides an offer to the community.

Seating for up to 10 people.
Wheelchair friendly.
Tables and Chairs provided.
Additional breakaway space.
Disabled facilities.
Tea and Coffee making facilities.
Assistance from staff.
Light open space.
Free WiFi Internet for the community

The use of the hub has been taken up by a number of groups formed by members of the community for the community to address loneliness, share skills and most importantly have fun such as beginner guitar sessions, and mural painting workshops. There have been other opportunities delivered from the area such as pop up events relevant to the community delivered by local organisations and also coffee mornings and staff training.

Business pop up space

BusinessPopupThe same space can be used as a ‘Business Pop up Space’ where local people can test small business ideas ad ventures such as pay as you feel haircuts and clothing repairs.

The aim is to give individual’s a platform without the additional commitments that can be cumbersome in the early stages of business. 

Alternative Trading

AlternateTradingThis offer is to provide people within the community the opportunity to sell their own products in a trusted and uncomplicated environment, using a free space and having a pop up venue. There may be an opportunity to see how this could become a co-productive relationship with Make it Happen.